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Brian Nunes

Director, "Find Your Way"

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Brian spent his young professional years in Information Technology - something he was good at but eventually bored with.  Living in Austin after college, he could no longer stand the networkmanagement job and sold everything to travel the country busking and pondering life.

In Seattle he began producing film and television, utilizing a film studies background from the University of California, Santa Barbara and tapping a natural ability for storytelling.  After discovering a colorful street culture, he started documenting buskers at Seattle's Pike Place Market and finished a 97 minute feature documentary on the subject.  The film is a discussion of how we define success - both culturally and personally.  It examines the way we create value based on context and challenges audiences to think deeper about how they consume culture. Brian's passion in life is being true to one's personal creative path and encouraging others to do the same.  His work is a reflection of that passion and will always bring authenticity to any story he tells.

My Directors Sessions

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7:00pm PDT

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