Welcome to the Portland Film Festival 2014 Schedule. Also on FacebookTwitterMeetup and Instagram. Use #PDXFF14 in your posts, so we can follow your festival experience. Don’t miss Opening Night and the RED CARPET on Tuesday August 26th at CRYSTAL BALLROOM. SEX ED - A new teacher quickly finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sex ed.  He wants to teach them – but he’s not exactly “experienced.” [MORE]


David Boarini

Director, “Le Nocturne De Lumiere”
David Boarini has a passion for creating art in various mediums. Throughout school he ventured into all avenues of fine arts, eventually discovering the digital realm as a tool and outlet for creativity. Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation, David was awarded Best Portfolio by Faculty's Choice as well as Best Portfolio by Student's Choice. Working for various studios in Southern California, David uses what spare time he is able to scrape together to work on personal artistic endeavors; ever daring to tell one more story.

My Directors Sessions

Saturday, August 30

11:00am PDT