Welcome to the Portland Film Festival 2014 Schedule. Also on FacebookTwitterMeetup and Instagram. Use #PDXFF14 in your posts, so we can follow your festival experience. Don’t miss Opening Night and the RED CARPET on Tuesday August 26th at CRYSTAL BALLROOM. SEX ED - A new teacher quickly finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sex ed.  He wants to teach them – but he’s not exactly “experienced.” [MORE]


Jacob Pander and Arnold Pander

The Pander Brothers

The Portland based Pander Brothers are a multi disciplinary creative media team who write and direct films and music videos as well as write and illustrate graphic novels. Their award winning feature film SELFLESS premiered at ComicCon International in 2009 and was picked up by Entertainment 1 (E1). The brothers’ music videos for their graphic novel and companion soundtrack SECRET BROADCAST have appeared on MTV and the Brothers’ music video movie “Suck It and See” for Palm Pictures was a cheeky erotic homage featuring artists from around the globe including Howie B., Spacer, and Fantastic Plastic Machine. The Panders recently directed the Adidas 2013 preline videos and designed the animated title sequence for the upcoming thriller, L.A. SLASHER starring Mischa Barton and Eric Roberts.

Also known for their work in comics and graphic novels including the cult series Grendel: Devil’s Legacy, Batman: City of Light and Exquisite Corpse, The Pander Brothers’ visual storytelling has been nominated for the Eisner and Manning awards for groundbreaking artwork in the graphic novel medium. They most recently launched their digital comics hub, PanderBrosComics.Com featuring the brothers wide array of original stories for digital download including, Tasty Bullet, Secret Broadcast, Jack Zero (Crackerjack Shot) and Accelerate.

My Directors Sessions

Thursday, August 28

8:30pm PDT