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Joe Zohar

Director, Gramatik's “Brave Men”

I graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Cinema & Photography in 2006. Immediately following I opened up a production company, Moving Box Studios, that is still thriving. I’ve worked on music videos, commercials, short films with the intent of learning every key job in the industry. I’m a hands-on director and believe a leader should have the shared experience of those he is leading. I learned this philosophy as a teenager when I got into trouble and was sent away to a boarding school for over 2 years. This experience was miserable for some, but ended up being the best training a director could ask for. I carry this experience with me on every shoot as I embrace the pain, and lunacy of film production. 

My Directors Sessions

Wednesday, August 27

3:30pm PDT

Thursday, August 28

9:50pm PDT