Welcome to the Portland Film Festival 2014 Schedule. Also on FacebookTwitterMeetup and Instagram. Use #PDXFF14 in your posts, so we can follow your festival experience. Don’t miss Opening Night and the RED CARPET on Tuesday August 26th at CRYSTAL BALLROOM. SEX ED - A new teacher quickly finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sex ed.  He wants to teach them – but he’s not exactly “experienced.” [MORE]


Michael Dahlstrom

The Animal Condition
Michael Dahlstrom is an Australian director who spent four and a half years creating The Animal Condition. This documentary was the first film to actively investigate all sides of the animal welfare story. He is currently working on the documentary In Smoke, featuring interviews with one of Australia's most notorious stand over men.

My Directors Sessions

Thursday, August 28

7:00pm PDT

Saturday, August 30

4:00pm PDT