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Eddy Kariti

Greater New York City Area
Eddy Kariti is an American actor with many years of experience under his belt. After leaving his native Chicago, he moved to New York where he began his professional acting career. The risk-taker gave comedy a new twist, showcasing performances that elicited laughter from audiences. Soon, Kariti landed his first recurring role as Trevor’s friend Dr. Anderson on the 'The Attic Expeditions.' More successful roles followed as he made connections in the film industry and mastered the craft of acting. His movie portfolio proved to be a box-office success and brought him several awards nominations. Today Kariti is happily married and has two children. In addition to all this, Eddy Kariti is a passionate supporter of education, especially primary education which seeks to unite different races. He is a patron of UNICEF which seeks to support education initiatives worldwide.

Passion for Directing

Whether he’s performing stand-up comedy or talking with a writer, Eddy Kariti can spark up every situation.
He’s creative and serious about his work. In his fourth year on the hit TV Series 'Being Human' he decided to open up about something else he’s passionate about - directing.

When eight years old Eddy Kariti made his first appearance on stage, he had no idea how much it would change his life. Bright lights, costumes, sets, and scripts all of a sudden become the things that determine Kariti and his identity.
For the talented actor, acting and performing came naturally. From as long as he can remember he’s been picking up accents and making people laugh. But for him it wasn’t attention or fame that kept him going, instead, it was the connections and relationships that he had made with people. In fact, he believes that for actors, it is extremely important to make a connection with the viewers, and only then you can do your part and make them laugh or cry. Finding out what motivates someone is a passion that can define you.

After many years of acting and appearing on both big screens and theater stage, Eddy Kariti began to develop a much deeper understanding of the craft and a more precise vision of what art should look like. Since his first acting job he has come a long way and has become one of the most talented actors in town, giving celebrated performances in many successful shows and movies.

At first, it was the little things like the way directors would interact with their actors that Kariti began noticing. Then he started feeling like he can do more. That’s when he started spending more time in production and slowly began absorbing all of the details that ultimately result in good directing. After all, it all comes down to the director’s ability to relate to a certain story and do it justice.

Compared to acting, directing puts a heavier weight on you. It’s a bigger responsibility, and the way you’ve chosen to tell the overall story can either make or break the project. While being an actor only puts the pressure on how you’re going to play and portray one character.

Experience has thought him that making decisions collectively can give positive results. It is always a good idea to hear what other people can bring to the table, especially if you have collaborated before and you’re familiar with each other’s styles. In terms of the relationship with actor and director, by the last week or two of shooting.