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Saturday, August 30 • 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Shorts Block 13: Experimental

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Limited Capacity seats available

SHORTS BLOCK 13: Experimental

09 min -- “The Heebie-Jeebies by Todd Slawsby: Finding a mysterious storybook, Liam convinces his mother to read it to him and his sister, Lyla. 

The book tells of The Heebie-Jeebies -- ancient monsters rumored to appear in the night and drag children and their parents into their own nightmares.  As they ready themselves for sleep, the children will discover: something terrifying is under their beds.

04 min -- “PROXIMITY by Joshua Cox: “Proximity” is a romantic crime drama in an unusual setting -- an elderly woman's living room. Her collection of ceramic statues have a life of their own. Two figures explore the depths of love and betrayal. Proximity illustrates how spatial relativity shapes our interactions with the world and people around us. Closeness can create the illusion of an unspoken bond, but when challenged by desire it can be turned on its head and shatter reality. (Animation)

09 min -- “The Ballad of Peter & Emily by Don Andrews: Peter is at a juncture where nothing in his life makes sense; Emily is at the same point in her life. The film looks into the lives of two people recently out of college, afraid to move out of their comfort zones at work and in their relationship. They have fallen into a pattern of inaction thinking that life will slow down, but they soon realize that life slows for no one.  

10 min -- “Baby Ipecac” by Vu Pham: Baby Ipecac imagines the genesis of a relationship between “David” and “Patricia,” a pair of self-destructive lovers and antagonists to the “hero’s journey” in Sway of the Knife. It is a bizarre, kinetic excursion into their volatile criminal dealings inside a hotel room. The usual drug deal becomes a hallucinatory web of paranoia, deception, and immanent peril. 

07 min -- “REZ CARZ by Clancy Dennehy: Abandoned cars rest silently in fields for decades, still holding secret conversations within their bodies. A native cast starring Tantoo Cardinal and Gary Farmer breathe life into pivotal moments of sex, birth and death.

10 min -- “GUSTAF by Yann Caloghiris: Gustaf is a quiet, submissive husband. He has been out of work because of what he calls, 'his condition'. His only point of contact with the outside world is the launderette he visits regularly. This changes when he has a bizarre hallucination. As he begins to draw a connection between the pieces of the puzzle, visions grow in intensity until the truth finally reveals itself.

15 min -- “Subsurface Flow by Carl Bird McLaughlin: Wounded by their childhoods, young lovers travel to the desert in search of a holy ground, where the pains of their pasts can be washed away.

12 min -- “Oh Sheila by Jeffrey Sundin: Where have all the disco cowboys gone?

04 min -- “Husk by Paul Howell: While collecting paper scraps for her den, Husk, a life-size tree spirit, has a shock encounter with some feral fairies in the street-art urban environment of Melbourne, Australia. Nothing is as it seems as this hypnotic story unfolds. (Animation)

09 min -- "The Kid" by Jeff Winograd: A young boy is drawn into the world driven by the soundtrack of his life and the magic all around him.  HIs journey takes him through a strange world he didn’t know existed and perhaps doesn’t.  Along the way he meets friends and foes, though he can’t always tell the difference between the two.  His experience lead him back to where he started, but his world has changed.  

06 min -- “How to Avoid Annoying People” by Ariel Nasser: Hand-drawn animation uses sarcasm and irony to criticize social behaviors such as self-centered small talk. Within a narrative structure punctuated by an infomercial announcer, this comical film reveals the harassment endured by a plane traveler as he endures verbal barrage from a fellow passenger. (Animated)

11 min -- "I'm Sorry Alligator" by Alexandr Beran: A withdrawn woman witnesses Ants Man bring an inanimate object to life on a house call. He unearths a ceramic alligator and makes it new. But when he 
stumbles upon the homeowners' trend of object neglect, he plans a rescue. The withdrawn woman is inspired to follow him, as she’s lead across town through a world of hidden friends.



Alexandr Beran

Director - I'm Sorry Alligator
Alexandr Beran (born 11 August 1978) is a writer, filmmaker, and actor. Beginning in California, he studied journalism and was editor-in-chief of Sacramento City College’s Mainline Magazine. Upon moving to Oregon, Beran began studying Digital Film and Video at the Art Institute... Read More →

Ariel Nasser

Director, “How to Avoid Annoying People”
Brazilian illustrator and graphic designer living in New York submitting his first short film, "How to Avoid Annoying People" which was created as a thesis project at the School of Visual Arts in New York City under the MFA Computer Art department.

Carl Bird McLaughlin

Director, “Subsurface Flow”
Carl Bird McLaughlin grew up in the northern stretches of Los Angeles county. He began to study filmmaking at College of the Canyons where he received the Filmmaker of the Year award two years in a row. He later attended California Institute for the Arts for his undergrad. While at... Read More →

Clancy Dennehy

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a graduate of NSCAD University in Nova Scotia, Clancy Dennehy specializes in documentary and art films. He produced and directed the documentary Farm Futures, and was Director of Photography on international documentaries including Pretty Boys; I Want... Read More →

Don Andrews

Director, “The Ballad of Peter & Emily”; Director of Programming, SQUEE entertainment
Don Andrews has written and directed several short films, but has worked mainly as an editor, and camera operator.  He started doing freelance commercial work, and has edited media for Addidas, Nike, Auto-Desk, New Seasons and has since gone on to work for LAIKA, as an assistant... Read More →

Jeff Winograd

Director - The Kid, Hawk Productions
Jeff received his bachelor’s degree from Columbia College of Chicago in 1993 where he studied film and video production with a specialization in creative writing.  He spent ten years working for the Sundance Film Festival where he was Director of the Technical Operations Department... Read More →

Joshua Cox

Joshua Cox is an award-winning director, graphic designer, animator, filmmaker, and producer with a passion for developing stylistic themes into compelling stories. Joshua utilizes his background in painting and design to craft tangible, believable realities which he injects with... Read More →

Paul Howell

Director, “Husk”
Paul Howell is the writer/director of the film "Husk". Paul is the co-founder of Stop Motion Pro, who have been making animation software for stop motion film makers since 1999. Leading clients of Paul's have been Oscar winning Aardman Animation Studios and Adam Elliot (Harvey Krumpet... Read More →

Todd Slawsby

Director, “The Heebie-Jeebies”
Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Todd attended Occidental College, sight-unseen, simply because it was in Los Angeles.  A veteran screenwriter, he has written projects for New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures, among others.  Todd lives in Boston with... Read More →

Vu Pham

Director - Baby Ipecac, My Brother, Waiting
Vu’s filmmaking adventures started at a much later point in life than many of his heroes and colleagues. The journey thus far has been circuitous and unconventional but promising. His first short film was accepted into the 2011 DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon... Read More →

Yann Caloghiris

Yann Caloghiris was born in Toulon, France, but spent his early years moving as a family every couple years around Europe (mostly France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the UK).  He studied Media (including film) and Digital Media in the UK, and made a couple shorts at University, but... Read More →

Saturday August 30, 2014 6:00pm - 8:00pm PDT
Clinton St. 2522 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202

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