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Matt Zodrow

WHITELANDIA documentary
Matt Zodrow is a 3x Emmy Award Winning director and editor. He started his career as a comic book illustrator in the late 80's before becoming an animation cell painter for Colossal Pictures in San Francisco. There, exposure to such productions as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Natural Born Killers confirmed Matt's love of animation, design, and film. As time passed, rising through the ranks of creative agencies would lead Matt to the position of Lead Interactive Designer for Portland based animation studio, Flying Rhino. Unfortunately, a downturn in the economy would soon take its toll on the animation industry in Portland, causing shortages in work and closing the doors of many studios. In response, Matt turned his skills to directing live action commercials for some of Portland's biggest agencies. His time behind the camera would bring him to his true calling as a documentary maker, creating productions for Travelocity and The Discovery Channel before becoming a Creative Director for PBS in Tampa Florida. There, Matt would lead the production on several documentaries, acquiring 11 Emmy nominations and winning 3 Emmy Awards during his tenure. Returning home to Portland, Matt and his wife and creative partner, Tracy MacDonlad, created the arts-and-culture television program, Go Northwest for CBS - garnishing two Emmy nominations in their first season. Having lived in the Northwest since 1977 and witnessing first hand the changing tides of racial politics and socioeconomics in the region, Matt turned his skills and his passion for social change to the Whitelandia documentary project in August of 2013.

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Saturday, August 30

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